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Li Yan

li yan er hu

Li Yan, chinese virtuoso and teacher of the Ehru fiddle, is born at Jinan in China, started playing at six, and graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music, under master direction Song Guo Sheng. Tianjin Conservatory is the forerunner of Central Conservatory of Chine. Tianjin is also the city of Liu MingYuan, 20th century best fiddle player, who played at the Pingju Opera Company of Tianjing. She won several prices at the National Competition of Young Musicians. Yan played soloist at sixteenth International Festival of Academic music, performed at Chaozhou in China, at Radio-France and Unesco in 2005-2008, at Cité des Arts at Paris, honored by the presence of musicologist François Picard. She has recorded three traditional folk music albums. She also participated to CD "The Silk Road in music", an improvisation on western classical and eastern folk tunes.


Yu zhou chang wan - Yan Li's work

CD2 Li Yan Erhu
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Yan ran qin yun - Yan Li's work

CD1 Li Yan Erhu
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